Hello! We’re Bodrum – the heart of your table.

Turks are hugely passionate about cooking and when it comes to the country’s cuisine, so are we. It was businessman Erol Ozkan who established the Bodrum brand in the UK and launched it in 2003. We are rightly proud of our Turkish roots – and are dedicated to bringing our passion for Turkish style food to life on your table.

16 years later, our range is now one of the most comprehensive on shelves with over 500 products. We’re using our expertise to provide innovative, tasty, healthy ingredients that help you create delicious recipes at home, as well as conveniently filling your body with goodness while on the move with our wide snack range.

And – with all our travels in search of unique ingredients we are always looking to add to our range… Check back soon!

We understand the importance of family meal times and that cooking for family is an expression of your love for them.

Cherish the time well spent together! Our range of premium products are expertly selected, as well as tried and ‘tasted’ by our own families, so you can share special family moments and enjoy food until your heart’s content. In 2018, we started our makeover process and have been updating our range ever since!

We wanted our packs to emphasise the time well spent during meal times in a way that is authentic, warm and homely. So, we’ve gone for designs that are colourful, uplifting and staying true to everything we believe in. Same ingredients, brand new look.

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